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An Interesting Trend!

  I have noticed a trend lately; I find it a good way to connect with like minded people. There is a trend on twitter of using auto-responders to send direct messages to their new followers; but the content is changing. Instead of affiliate links; I am seeing more facebook accounts and facebook pages that are using custom pages. I find this a great way to increase traffic to connect with like minded people that might provide as much interest to you as you do to them, it's a wonder trade off. If you are utilizing pages to help build your brand connect with your customers on a personal level and interacting on their news feeds; this could be a great traffic generation tactic. I am not usually a fan of auto-responders and rarely utilize them in my web development; I find this to be an acceptable and responsible use of atuo-responders. The follow/unfollow platform of twitter is an excellent place to utilize this type of traffic generation to help brand yourself or your company.

  Another change that I have noticed in twittter Direct Messages content is that there are more people branding themselves. There has been a marked decrease in the use of affiliate marketing on twitter; and an increase in original content being branded, whether it is a blog or a website or a local company, twitter DM auto-responders are a good use to grow your company through viral advertising. Some good examples would be your YouTube channel, your tumblr blog, your LinkedIn account, or your own social network or website. I like seeing these changes in the way people are growing in the twitter community while also connecting to the other social platforms; I feel that this could be one of the best uses of twitter yet. 

  For those friends of mine that just don't get twitter; and don't relly understand how to use it much less utilize it, I do have the screenshots for my "How to use twitter guide." I have been very busy lately in the real world but I haven't forgotten about you; once you learn what it is in basic form, then how to use it becomes much easier to understand. When I first joined twitter, it was so basic; very simple, and many of the functions of twitter are based in how users have utilized twitter; it is truly a community built and based platform, twitter responds to it's users; while facebook users respond to facebook. I just thought that I would share this all of my friends that are interested in this type of thing; I do have a mixed gather of friends from all over the world. I hope you have enjoyed my perspective of my personal experience on the social web; thank you, and I'll see you in the tree! 


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