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Facebook; Friending & Unfriending

It had been reported that the new Facebook Timeline profile had a glitch that allowed users to see when their "friends" had silently "unfriended" them in the profile. I am actually happy to report to all of you "privacy" fans that the glitch issue has been fixed by facebook. I learned this from one of my newest developer friends, Edouard Gatouillat; who is the creator of one of my favorite facebook apps, Unfriend Finder.

Unfriend Finder works from a Javascript installed via Greasemonkey within your web browser making it secure. Unfriend Finder will track your friendlist, although it may take it a little while to start tracking. But once it does it will monitor your friend requests sent, denied, and accepted; but the best part of the script is that it tracks those that "unfriend" you on facebook. But it doesn't just tell you that you are unfriended; it lets you know if your friends have deactivated/reactivated their accounts, it lets you know if they left your friendlist or even if they blocked you. You can download and install Unfriend Finder from their website; I think you will appreciate the simplicity of this app and the knowledge of knowing who left your friendlist and when; even if it doesn't provide a reason why they left. Unfortunately, it doesn't locate the archive of unfriending from the past; but once installed; you will never have to guess who left your friendlist again.

I have thoroughly tested and continue to use Unfriend Finder on my facebook profile; I have been looking for something like this for a very long time. It is a tool that I wouldn't want to be without again, in fact I highly endorse it! Go to the website and install Unfriend Finder for your facebook profile on every browser you use.

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