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Memolane Is The Best Timeline!

Last year I told you about a service called Memolane, they are an archiving site set up in a timeline format. Recently, at f8, facebook revealed the next evolution of their profile called Timeline; which I believe is an incorporation of a Memolane style service. Mockery is the best flattery, or so the saying goes; I guess it means something when Mark Zuckerberg wants to steal your idea. Of course, the Timeline is still under development and they are still fixing bugs and glitches; but Memolane is already a better product/service.

Not to long ago; the post may even still be showing below, I don't post much; I told you about a persistant bug at Memolane that wouldn't allow you to change your default facebook photo. I later edited that post after hearing from Megan at Memolane to assure everyone that they did have a fix and do care about customer service, even though they use GetSatisfaction which is particular about who they give customer service to; but that is another post entirely. We are talking about Memolane, and checking back with a follow up.

Memolane of greyeyesgabriel.
I really like this service and believe it is the best archiving tool with the best potential; I plan to use it for all of my blogs and feeds. There is a timeline at the bottom of the lane for quick reference back to a certain day; and a 4 way scrolling feature which allows for easy navigation. They show just about anything you post from anywhere on the web; as long as you have the attached the service/account which you are planning to archive. It will pull in all of your posts from any feed you submit to the lane, all the way back to the beginning; my personal lane starts on May 22, 2001. Being an archiving service, I don't visit it much myself; but I did go back to change my profile photo.

As you may recall; that was the bug issue that I originally posted about. I followed the directions that was originally given (yes, I still remembered) and removed my facebook service from the lane. Then I added the facebook service back to my lane. It worked; this time the reauthorization changed my profile photo to my current profile photo which was my first universal avatar. Much better and great job to the guys, and gals at Memolane; I can't wait to see what other services they develop for and what else they have planned. I highly reccomend and endorse Memolane for your social RSS archiving needs.

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