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The Walking Church!


I have been working on my non-profit church online church for those Christians that feel like they don't belong in any traditional churches. We believe that the church resides within us and is the building itself but the spirits that come to worship God! The interpretations that I take from the Holy Bible are given to me by a divine guidance, not from training in some school as to how I am to interpret it. There will be many topics and I plan to add many features to the church, but it is still under development. I will notify when we are officially up and running! It will be an exciting new concept in Christianity, the messages will come fast as my time to get the message out grows short quickly and I have put it all off for way to long; may God forgive me! He has let me know that it is time to fulfill my purpose and this is the medium to use. There is even a message as to the reason for using this medium. I will speak on the coming mark of the beast and show you the signs in order to save your salvation! It is all coming together swiftly and time grows short! I will reveal all of this and more, come join us in the Fellowship with our Lord!

~Reverend G.B. McBride

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