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Google+ vs. facebook = RockMelt

RockMelt. Your browser. Re-Imagined.

I have been using the RockMelt browser since it's beginning; for those that have never heard of RockMelt, it is based around your facebook Open ID. You need to log in to facebook to use all of it's integration features, which allows you to have all of the features of facebook without being on facebook. 

Where it gets really interesting is that they use the Google Chromium platform to build this specialized browser. As many of you know by my posts on facebook, I recommend Google Chrome because of it's Sandbox feature that hackers don't like. The Chromium Open Source project allows web developers to build their own browsers based on the Google Engine. 

I find that using this Google/facebook hybrid gives me advantages such as being able to use Google Apps, and the ability to share over the social web with the click of a "share" button. This way I am able to share what I post on G+ flawlessly with facebook. Both have their own unique advantages; why should I throw away using one popular form of social media over the other? If I have the opportunity to integrate using the 2 or more most popular social networks into my webwork, then wouldn't that just strengthen my SEO? 

When everyone started talking about facebook taking the #1 spot from Google; I was quick to point out all of the reasons that it wouldn't happen. The latest moves by Google to revamp and update their code for ease of integration of Google accounts just supports what I have said all along, Google became #1 for a reason and they have stayed true to their original model while innovating the web for more simple communication and sharing. Google is proving that Open Source is Social! Facebook is sure to copy another winning formula from upstarts to integrate into their platform; that is what they do best, copy what is working for others.

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