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Some old, Some new, and improved.

 I just wanted to provide some information for those that are viewing, The Way I See It... on the web. I have made some changes with my blog; like the obvious, a new design format. I also provided a social toolbar, so you can follow, friend, or like me and my services and products; you will notice it at the bottom of your browser. I have added a very easy to use timeline archive, developed by the fine folks over @Memolane; and I will be cleaning up the archive, clearing out the trash, and editing to fit the new format. You can still find the original blog feed @Blogger, but I have added a new blog feed @tumblr; while I am redirecting the way the feeds travel, the feedburner feed should remain as it is; there may be a few bugs, such as repeat information until I finish redirecting the blog feeds. Both blogs will remain active, as they offer different advantages, while maintaining a uniform look and feel. I will be making some other integrations and things may be a little messy around here for awhile; if you receive my blog through  your email, or reader, the changes you see should remain minimal, other than more activity and social interaction. I hope you enjoy the new look, feel, and interaction of the new/old blog @The Way I See It...


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