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How Are You?

Has anyone asked you this lately? Perhaps a stranger that you just met on a social network? How do you respond to a question like that? Most people that I know, have a predetermined answer that is a generalization of their overall situation, or to answer the question with a polite, "I'm fine, and you?" rather than telling you that I'd rather not answer this question honestly; because you don't have the time or patience for me to tell you how I really am. I find this to be true in most social situations where one person will feign interest in another person's life by pretending to care how they are doing; when in actuality all they really wanted was a quick, "I'm fine." Go ahead, give it a try, the next time someone asks you how you are doing, tell them; honestly. Tell them details, take the opportunity to utilize this person as your shrink, they put themselves in that position by asking the same question that a shrink would use. Tell them all about your life, what has been bothering you, what is on your mind, what has gotten under your skin; even if it is people that pretend to be interested in your well being. They asked for it when they asked you how are you; so tell them, even if it is one of those chat girls that are soliciting everyone on the social networks...just go off, get it off your chest.

Watch the reactions that you get from people when you answer their question with true honesty, and you start by telling them all of your aches and pains, and then move into your mental well being, and telling them all about what is driving you nuts at work/school. Believe me, you will be amused by the general reactions that you will receive. Why is that you want to know all about me anyway, you aren't telling me about yourself, even when I ask, I get generalized prepared answers, so, tell me about yourself; this is supposed to be a trade off. Isn't there some other way to greet people other than "How are you?" Maybe we could start by saying something like "Hi" or "Hello" or in some cases apparently "Hey" has become acceptable. Maybe we could start by introducing ourselves before we start asking questions about the person we want to get to know. Just a little food for thought...


  1. I usually say Hi then How are you? Does that count... lol.

    If I always said what I wanted to... I'd be in deep trouble. :-D

  2. LOL! The world would be in much much better shape if more people would just speak their mind, rather than hold it in until it explodes or talk about others behind their backs...although I do love a good conspiracy...this is just a hint of how I see it...


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