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Memolane facebook bug persists!

 I tried to post this as a reply in the support forum at MemoLane; however, they useGetSatisfaction(<---won't let me tag them, go figure), which would not allow me to post to the memolane support forum. I have had nothing but a bad experience with GetSatisfaction on many platforms that I develop on and have yet to gain any satisfaction using their service; including the inability to delete my company accounts with them, but then how can you provide support for multiple platforms that you know nothing about? Outsourcing your support to a Forum company that restricts the voice of people that seek to assist others in the community that aren't receiving help from either GetSatisfaction or the company they are hosting. What kind of message does that send to customers? What kind of support does it provide when when select people can't even post their issues on the platform because they have been banned and blacklisted by the support forum that your company chooses to use. Everything below was the comment that I tried to post to the thread linked above; there is a long list of developers that have been banned from this community that misleadingly calls itself "GetSatisfaction!"

So sad; I had the same issue; after trying everything suggested here, including clearing my cache and restarting my browser, I was unsuccessful at removing the facebook feed and profile picture from this app; even after removing the app cookie from my facebook profile. Memolane must have my facebook profile saved to their cache, because it still displayed both the profile photo in every view, as well as the feed in whatever privacy setting was set before removing the facebook widget. This seems to be a rather serious privacy issue involving the integration with the facebook API. I would start by checking the data entered into the app registration on the facebook developers website; then see if facebook changed something in their format that would change how your app reacts with facebook; if it's nothing on facebook then I would go through the source code looking for missing semicolons or exclamations. Just a trouble shooting suggestion from another developer; also, I would suggest putting an input field for profile image control; if image hosting is an issue then you could provide a by URL hosting from such services as Photobucket, Flickr, Picasa, and maybe even an editing integration with Picnik or Photobucket; but at least an URL hosting image control feature would be nice for people to honestly take you seriously as a privacy service. 

Unfortunately I could find no other option other than to delete that account; and then signed up for another account under the same email address, it worked just fine. The profile with the facebook bug was deleted and I was immediately able to sign up for a new account. As unfortunate as it is, this type of thing happens during the development of new and innovative services; which memolane displays on their service with the little "beta" tag. I hope that you find my information both useful and postive; I like and will continue to use the memolane service. I am sure that with this issue being over a month old that memolane is working on a fix to this issue; it is a small annoyance but not a vital flaw, for that matter it could be a virus. Good luck and happy coding!

*since I couldn't GetSatisfaction on the Memolane support forum; I am trying to ensure that Memolane is aware of this issue, especially since this thread is listed as answered as if the suggested fix worked; which we can all clearly see is still persistent even after over a month of the original post on the bug. I did fix the problem, even though it required starting all over; which is a quick and easy process on Memolane. I still find Memolane to be a great web application which has great potential; especially as they grow and integrate more services...just wait and see what I do with it!

       my Memolane profiles: http://memolane.com/greyeyesgabriel 

 **Edit: April 8, 2011
 I have received word from the support staff at Memolane on this issue and I am updating this post with good news. I have provided the reply below which explains the timeline for fixes and improvements; I am impressed with the excellent response from the support staff that actually answered my post on the original facebook note; something that would have been ignored by some of the more popular start-ups. I strongly recommend the Memolane service for your feeds. Below is the not comment that I received from Meghan @Memolane support:

Thank you for sharing your feedback about the profile picture bug. We are working on a fix for this bug that will address the issue of defaulting to a Facebook profile photo and the caching problem that is not keeping profile photos current with the services on your lane.

1) We will be changing the default hierarchy to put Twitter at the top, so that your default profile picture will be your Twitter profile photo when you add a Twitter account to Memolane.
2) Your profile photos will be synched with the online services you currently have added to your lane. When you remove a service, the cached profile image link will be removed as well to ensure that we are not pulling images from services that are no longer affiliated with your Memolane account.

We are planning an interface update that will allow you to choose your own profile photo, but that will not be available immediately. So, in the meantime we will be offering this solution, which we think is a much-needed improvement, until you, the users are able to choose your own profile photo.

I’m sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience with Get Satisfaction. We are eager to hear from all our users who want to share their feedback. You are always welcome to e-mail us directly at support@memolane.com with any questions or feedback. The profile picture question has been updated with a new comment concerning the progress of our fix to that bug and the improvements we are planning. Please let me know if you have any other questions."

 I am looking forward to it and thank you for responding. As you can see, Memolane really cares about the satisfaction of their customers; I only wish that I could say the same thing about Eric Suez and the Get Satisfaction team; take note GetSatisfaction, this is how you deal with unsatisfied customers; not by blacklisting them from your platform!

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